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Daniel Char is an Award-Winning Mortgage Broker who has helped finance over $150,000,000 worth of Real Estate. With over 15 years in the finance industry, he has helped countless investors earn a higher return on their Investments using “non-traditional” strategies. He was a trusted advisor in “The Science of Getting Rich” book, re-released in 2020. You can catch Daniel interviewing Successful Real Estate Investors in North America on his YouTube channel. Daniel will be releasing his first book in collaboration with Kevin Harrington in 2021!


International Speaker, shared stages with Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank), Michele Romanow (Dragons' Den)

Educator & Coach

Teaching how to create wealth and financial education, this makes sure you never lose a deal again

Mortgage Broker

Award winning mortgage broker, helping close over 150 million in financing, access to all channels for my clients such as private money


Award winning author, featured as a trusted advisor in the book The Science Of Getting Rich

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frequently asked question

Rates Vary depending on, type (fixed/variable) (open/closed), Term 1/2/3/4/5 years, conventional/non-conventional (20% down payment, or CMHC Insured). Yes this can all be confusing. What we do is not focus on "rate". But what is the best solution for your specific needs. Did you know that most borrowers sign a 5 year fixed closed mortgage, only to break it in year 3 or 4... having to pay $20,000-$30,000 of penalty fees?
All this could have been avoided by having a strategy discussion to decide the right product up front. Many times, it is better to take a mortgage product that has the most flexibility as life is never a straight line. We never know where we will be or what new surprises life can bring us. We like to look at the overall solution rather a rigid one that only shows a lower rate today, but a massive fee in a few years.
A mortgage broker is a financial professional who arranges borrowing solutions for customers to purchase/refinance their home or renew their mortgage with a new lender. Mortgage brokers work in your best interest as they only get paid when your deal closes and they work for you, not the lender. They have access to multiple lenders to service a variety of clients no matter what your financial position looks like today.

There are 3 avenues for financing that a mortgage broker can assist you with financing: A Financing / B Financing / C Financing. (A financing being the traditional bank route. There are no fees to working with a broker in this route as the bank pays the broker a commission. For B/C financing - which is more specialised a small fee will apply according to the solution provided. Don't worry. There will not be any "surprise or hidden fees". Everything is discussed upfront before proceeding.

As with all marketing for any product, always look for the Asterisks*. Many lenders advertise rates that have lots of conditions or fees in order to attract interest from the public.  Always keep in mind that, you must qualify for the mortgage and check if there are any fees associated with the deal. Some rates require a $20,000 fee to get the low rates. You are better off taking a rate that is .50 higher with no fees. 

Get pre-approved. Discuss your strategy/end goal with your mortgage broker/ Purchase your Home. sign the right product and terms for your mortgage. Close.
Absolutely. We specialize in files where bruised credit is present. You must have 20% down payment at least.
We work with many lenders that allow more than 5 properties in the portfolio. Call us today to discuss if you qualify.
Being Self - Employed has no bearing on purchasing a home. Yes you can be a home owner while being self employed. Just be prepared to have 20% downpayment + Closing Costs. Give us a call if this is you.
Absolutly. We are fully operational online or in person by appointment only. We are available by Phone/Email/Zoom/Virtual Signing

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